Terraformation Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator 2024

Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator
Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator

Terraformation Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator 2024

Applications are open for the Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator. This Accelerator Program is the first biodiversity-focused, carbon-funded forest accelerator. Global teams of science and forestry experts are integrated into local communities to provide expert support to local forestry teams.

About Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator

For the teams selected, assistance is given to them by the Terraformation team in the following areas:

  1. Funding
    • Fund planting costs to get projects off the ground
    • Coordinate forward carbon sales to deliver regular revenue to forestry teams and local communities
    • Develop sustainable business models to eliminate the need for fundraising and grant writing
  2. Training
    • Ongoing opportunities to learn best practices from science, forestry, carbon, finance, legal, community impact, and marketing experts
  3. Seeds
    • Seed banking solutions to promote high native species diversity
  4. Tracking
    • Monitoring and tracking from seed to field for high project transparency
    • Guided support with Terraware software
  5. Expert Support
    • Global team of foresters, scientists, technologists, experienced carbon market strategists, and creative communicators ready to help your project succeed
  6. High-Quality Projects with Flexibility
    • Focus on native, biodiverse restoration that creates community benefits
    • Opportunity to incorporate agroforestry and sustainable timber harvest
  7. Carbon Verification
    • Execute feasibility studies and Project Design Document (PDD)
    • Facilitate project verification with top-tier third-party verifiers
    • Connect projects to carbon credit buyers

Benefits for Forestry Teams

  • Software solutions and training for monitoring progress and identifying bottlenecks
  • A free feasibility study to assess your project’s carbon potential ($20,000 USD value)
  • Networking with other forestry teams
  • Pilot capital and additional funding opportunities
  • Infrastructure and technology, like seed banks and nurseriesProject design document (PDD)
  • Design for long-term impact (40+ years) and community engagement
  • Development of complementary sustainable business models for multiple revenue streams (carbon credits, agroforestry, silvopasture, NTFP)

Eligibility Requirements

Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator is open to forest restoration teams around the globe. You might be a great fit if you:

  • Share Terraformation’s values of biodiversity and native ecosystem restoration
  • Have long-term access and rights to reforest at least 1,500 hectares of land.
  • Your organization is focused on tropical or subtropical reforestation projects and communities.
  • Already have a team with forest restoration experience
  • Are interested in learning more about carbon market financing
  • Are focused on restoring forests that last for generations and benefit the environment and communities around those forests
  • Have experience with complementary sustainable business models like agroforestry and non-timber forest products

Deadline: Applications received by November 30, 2023 will be considered for Cohort 4.

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For further details, visit Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator

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