MTN grants-68 Million Naira in Funding

mtn grants blow my hustle grant

MTN grants (68 Million Naira in Funding)

MTN Pulse launches a new grant program, ‘Blow My Hustle’.

The MTN grants program is open to all creators, both professionals, and small businesses.

We are taking entries from only MTN customers between the ages of 16-30.

Steps to Register:

  • Click on the “Blow My Hustle” banner.
  • Next, click on “Submit your entry”.
  • Fill in your personal information. Remember to use your MTN Phone Number.
  • On the Next page select the category that best fits your hustle.
  • Describe your hustle in 200 words. Make sure your write-up drives home why your hustle needs to blow!
  • Upload a 90-second video that would wow the Judges and takes you to the next level.
  • Click on the verification button to confirm your identity.
  • Confirm availability for the online training session.
  • Read through the Terms and Conditions then Click Accept and submit your application.

Hints for the Video

If you want to impress the judges and take your business to the next level, you need a video that illustrates exactly why you deserve their attention.

  • Mention the value of your business and the impact it has on both you and your business.
  • Share how hard it’s been for you, but keep your videos short for maximum impact.

MTN Grants Frequently Asked Questions

At what point do I need to submit an entry?

Please submit your entry on this page to enter the opportunity

Can I submit multiple entries for a single business?

No multiple submissions will be accepted, please submit a single application only.

You’ve submitted your entry, now what?

The top 100 will get a chance for an invitation to the next phase of the competition. For an up-to-date list of all entrants, please take a look at our social media channels.

If there were prizes to be won, what would they be?

Yes! You can enter to win an awesome prize package worth 68 million Naira (N68,000,000) if you place in the top 20. There are prizes for those who reach the last stage (business grants, training, and data).

If you don’t make it past the final stage, we’ll give you a free trial and use our data to understand what works for your business.

MTN wants to give everyone the skills they need to be successful in business. We’ll teach 100 top applicants, chosen from among millions of other entrants, everything they need to know about being in your entrepreneurial style. You can also visit our website for more information about the Blow My Hustle campaign and how you can get involved next year.

Apply for MTN grants “Blow my Hustle” through this application link

For more info, please visit and see our detailed FAQ!

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