Small Business Grants in Ohio, USA.

small business grants ohio

Small Business Grants in Ohio

This article would list available small Business grants Ohio.

With more than $25,414.00 million dollars in grants and additional local government funding sources of $19,115.00 million dollars, the majority of the federal budget in government grants is put into the business sector every year, as small businesses and large corporations are the foundation of the economic growth in Ohio.

There are 192,796 business establishments in the state of Ohio, and they break down to the following:

Ohio Business Sector Breakdown by Size:

  • 104,867 registered businesses in Ohio have 0 to 4 employees.
    People who work at home with sole proprietorship are included in this breakdown.
  • 36,383 registered businesses in Ohio have 5 to 9 employees.
  • 22,898 registered businesses in Ohio have 10-19 employees.
  • 20,163 registered businesses in Ohio have 20-99 employees.
  • 4,788 registered businesses in Ohio have 100 to 499 employees.
  • Over 3,697 registered businesses in Ohio have over 500 employees.

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Ohio Business Sector Breakdown in Service Industries:

  • 24,790 registered businesses in Ohio are in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector.
  • 14,083 registered businesses in Ohio are in the Administrative, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation Services sector.
  • 23,525 registered businesses in Ohio are in the Accommodation and Food Services sector.
  • About 28,769 registered businesses in Ohio are also service orientated businesses but are not categorized to the above sectors.

If you are in the farming industry, you may be eligible to apply for small business grants as well. There are more than 76,000 farms in the state of Ohio.

Starting and managing a small business in Ohio is not an easy task.
Over $171,931,000,000.00 US dollars are paid to employee salaries/payroll alone in the state of Ohio and more than 72,924 businesses declare bankruptcy every single year.

Although the federal government does not publically provide grants for starting and expanding a business.
In Ohio, some small business grants are given to business owners to start and grow their ventures. and gra recipients do not have to pay back the funding from government.

Therefore, it makes sense to look into small business grants as one of your sources to fund your business.

To apply for small business grants in Ohio, you can contact Ohio financial aid agencies.

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Lists of Small Business Grant in Ohio

Delivering scalable Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) management technologies in the Ohio region

The Department of Defense, Dept. of the Army — Corps of Engineers in the science and technology and other research and development sector is offering a public funding opportunity titled “Delivering scalable Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) management technologies in the Ohio region” and is now available to receive applicants.

Interested and eligible applicants and submit their applications by referencing the CFDA number(s): 12.630.

Applicants must submit their applications by Aug 05, 2022.

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Columbus-Franklin County Small Business Recovery Fund

The Columbus-Franklin County Small Business Recovery Fund supports pandemic recovery throughout Central Ohio.

Eligible small businesses can apply for up to $20,000 through the program, which recently received an additional $8 million funding boost.

Self-employed individuals and sole proprietors can apply for $5,000 grants.

Small businesses with at least one employee can apply for $10,000. And businesses that lost employees during the pandemic can apply for $20,000.

An additional $10,000 is available for businesses that hire at least one new full-time employee within two months and maintain their payroll for four months following grant receipt.

Businesses in underserved communities and those owned by minorities, women, and veterans are given priority.

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Cleveland Job Creation Incentive Program

Cleveland’s Job Creation Incentive Program aims to attract and retain businesses in the city limits. Businesses moving to Cleveland or expanding within the city that will create at least five new full-time W-2 jobs can apply for grants.

Grant amounts are determined based on new payroll and income tax generated by each business.

Grants can cover up to 0.5 percent of new payroll for up to three years. There’s also a $5,000 Moving Assistance Grant that relocating businesses may use in conjunction with this assistance.

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Cleveland Municipal Small Business Initiative

Cleveland offers the Municipal Small Business Initiative alongside the U.S. Small Business Administration and Cuyahoga County. Businesses can apply for additional assistance for SBA funded projects.

Basically, Cleveland provides a grant of 15 percent of the total project cost, which is funded by both the City and the County.

To qualify, applicants must first secure an SBA backed loan and must plan to create at least one permanent full-time job for every $35,000 in City funds.

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Cleveland Tech Delta Program

Cleveland’s Tech Delta Program supports tech and medical companies relocating or expanding within Cleveland.

Grants are awarded on a square footage basis, with $5 available per square foot of a company’s new facility.

Awards may not exceed $50,000. To qualify, tech companies must plan necessary upgrades to their facility and create at least five new, full-time jobs in the city.

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Cleveland Storefront Renovation Program

Cleveland’s Storefront Renovation Program funds upgrades in neighborhood commercial retail districts.

Eligible city businesses can apply for a rebate that covers up to 50 percent of a renovation project that meets the city’s design criteria, up to $50,000. In addition to grant funding, the program offers free design assistance for exterior rehabilitation projects.

This is an annual program. So businesses can apply for projects completed throughout the year.

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FundNoire is a funding program for Black small business owners in the Cincinnati area. Funded in part by Kroger’s charitable foundation, the program includes $1.5 million for eligible small businesses.

This is a relatively new program founded by local entrepreneur Rico Grant.

The organization expects to support dozens of startups and early-stage companies in its inaugural funding round.

Great Streets Akron Grants

The city of Akron offers matching small business grants for exterior or site improvements.

Eligible projects include signage, outdoor lighting, facade renovation, security cameras, and parking lot paving.

The city will review proposed improvements on a case-by-case basis to ensure they meet compliance and zoning standards.

Grants may cover up to $30,000, and they require matching private funds.

Toledo Emergency Microenterprise Recovery Grant

Toledo’s Emergency Microenterprise Recovery Grant provides up to $5,000 to reimburse businesses for COVID-related expenses.

To qualify, expenses must be incurred between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020, with supporting documentation.

Funded through the Federal Community Development Block Grant, the application period will close once grant funds are disbursed.

Shelby County Small Business Recovery Grant Program

Shelby County, Ohio is offering $400,000 to local small businesses. Funded through the American Rescue Plan Act, the program offers reimbursement funds for pandemic-related expenses.

Businesses with a physical location in the county can apply for between $5,000 and $25,000. Entrepreneurs in the county who run businesses from home can apply for between $5,000 and $10,000. May 31 is the deadline to apply.

Federal Stimulus Aid

Businesses of all sizes have been negatively impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some are just getting started, while others have had to rethink their business model.

President Biden’s recently enacted coronavirus stimulus bill is designed to help, providing $1.9 trillion in assistance to businesses and individuals.

The bill includes aid in the form of tax credits, loans and grants.

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