Call for Applications: Youth Champion in Nutrition 2022 ($1,000 prize)

youth champion in nutrition

The search for the Youth Champion in Nutrition 2022 is now open.

You should apply if you are an early career professional or operate along the value chains of Agro-Food Systems, under 35, and have a track record of engagement or experience in Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security.


Food and nutrition security continue to be the most fundamental problems to African human welfare and economic growth.

Unfortunately, Africa is not on track to reach the Sustainable Development Goal 2 targets for food security and nutrition. A greater focus on Food and Nutrition Security is essential to help address this challenge.

Meanwhile, with further population increase, urbanization, globalization, and climate change ahead, the younger generation will play an essential role in addressing the difficulties of food access, availability, and use.

Furthermore, the Youth voices are critical to ensuring Food and Nutrition Security in Africa, and 2022 is a milestone year for Nutrition, with the African Union commemorating it with the yearly landmark event “Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security,” which will take place from October 31 to November 1, 2022.

To that end, it is critical to elevate the voices of young people and recognize their contributions to the industry.

The Youth Consortium, a partnership of individuals and organizations, is organizing a side event on the theme “Role of Youth as Human Capital Agents towards a Transformative & Resilient Agro-Food Systems in Africa” on October 31, 2022, during the “Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS).” It would be fantastic to select and proclaim a youth champion for food and nutrition security in Africa during this side event.

The Youth Consortium is pleased to announce a call for proposals to find, challenge, and support a Nutrition champion for 2022.

Benefits of being part of the champions in nutrition

  • Recognized as a 2022 Youth Nutrition Champion
  • A $1,000 USD cash reward and/or a fully sponsored trip to the main event – Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security 2022
  • During the event, promote his or her project.

Eligibility for being part of the champions in nutrition

  • The applicant must be under 35 years old.
  • He or she must be a citizen of an African country.
  • Work experience in agriculture, agro-food systems, or a related field of at least two years.
  • Executing a cutting-edge project in agriculture, agro-food systems, or a field connected to ADFNS that lasted longer than a year.
  • Excellent communication abilities in one of the official African Union languages.
  • Possibility and availability to connect online or to fly to Mauritius for the ADFNS event.
  • Native Americans, women, and anyone with impairments are strongly encouraged.

Uploading and Formatting Videos

  • The maximum video duration is three minutes.
  • The video must be oriented in landscape mode.
  • All entries must be submitted in English or French, with English subtitles if presented in another language.
  • There is no admission price.
  • No copyrighted elements (music, photos, video clips, etc.) may be used in this contest unless you own the copyright or have a license to do so. For all copyrighted items, written permission must be requested and delivered upon request.

In Your Video, Address These Questions

  • What is your name and where are you from?
  • How do your activities and work connect to food security and nutrition?
  • What creative and sustainable actions are you taking to support nutrition and food security?

Instructions for Uploading Videos

Participants MUST FIRST submit their movie (3 minutes or less) to YouTube, provide the YouTube link to their Twitter feed, and tag @YouthConsort before tweeting using the official campaign hashtags: TheYouthConsortium #YearofNutrition #Youth4Nutrition.

The deadline is September 26, 2022.


Click here to apply

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