Shell LiveWIRE Programme 2022 ($30,000 Grant)

shell livewire programme 2022

Shell LiveWIRE Programme 2022 (US$30,000)

Shell LiveWIRE programme Top Ten Innovators is a global competition that highlights and rewards impactful and innovative LiveWIRE entrepreneurs.

For 40 years, Shell LiveWIRE programme has boosted regional economies worldwide by encouraging entrepreneurship and meaningful employment, demonstrating Shell’s dedication to Powering Lives. We are still just as dedicated to helping the nations and communities where we do business by assisting local business owners who are having a good influence

Our Top Ten Innovators competition, which I’m happy to announce will be back in 2022, has been a significant method by that we have been able to recognize influential entrepreneurs.

Top Ten Innovators is a global competition designed to highlight and reward impactful Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneurs who are making positive contributions toward social impact, environmental sustainability, and business innovation.

The competition will be open to LiveWIRE entrepreneurs from around the world whose businesses are helping us to move toward an economy that prioritises these three important themes.

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Shell LiveWIRE Programme Benefits

  • Top Ten Innovators awards prizes across the categories that are open to entrepreneurs.
  • Each category will have one winner and two runners-up.
  • The winners will receive USD $20,000 and runners-up will receive USD $10,000. All nine winners will receive mentoring support for a year.
  • Each category will also include four honourable mentions and winners based on the highest number of public votes.
  • All shortlisted entrepreneurs will benefit from promotion on Shell communication channels during the competition.
  • The Outstanding Achievement for a LiveWIRE Implementing Partner
  • The winner of the Outstanding Implementing Partner award will receive a capacity-building award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we looking for in Shell LiveWIRE Programme?

We are looking for entrepreneurs who:

  1. Are between the ages of 18-45
  2. Own existing/currently trading business in the identified sectors
  3. Designate a dedicated team member or business partner who can attend programme sessions and activities that the designated LiveWIRE may not be able to attend.
  4. Have been in business for at least years such that they have a paying customer base towards which a product or service is provided
  5. Embody coachability, adaptability, commitment, demonstrated drive and possess a spirit of innovation
  6. Exhibit growth potential in line within at least one of the following areas: 
    • Business Capacity
    • Exporting
    • Increased staffing

Can you tell me more about the key economic sectors?

A breakdown of each of these key economic sectors is provided below:

Energy solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Renewables – e.g. low-carbon and waste energy recapture
  • Digital Energy – e.g. wireless climate control, energy sharing platforms/apps
  • Energy Efficiency – e.g. sensors and monitoring solutions
  • Smart mobility – e.g. new forms of transport
  • Energy storage and management – e.g. non-battery solutions for power storage
  • Oil and gas – e.g. to minimize environmental impact
  • Access to Energy – e.g. off-grid solutions, solutions to intermitted energy supply

Environmental solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Recycling – e.g. re-use and/or repurposing of any consumer product (e.g. glass/plastic bottles)
  • Circular manufacturing processes e.g. exchanging new process inputs for inputs previously classed as waste
  • Waste Reduction, Treatment and/or Management services
  • Sustainable packaging (this can be plastic, paper, metal and any other fibres/materials) solutions
  • New products developed to use previously waste process outcomes e.g. new types of insulation from waste
  • Circular economy services e.g. education, consultancy and/or training
  • Environmental Designs, Operations and Maintenance

Agriculture and Food Processing

Agriculture and Food Processing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Added value services to food production
  • Food processing
  • Aquaculture and horticultural processing
  • More efficient food production services
  • Products/services that reduce food miles (e.g. import substitution)
  • More efficient packaging that uses less energy to produce


Eco-Tourism includes, but is not limited to:

  • Products/services which build environmental awareness and conservation through tourism
  • Eco-lodging accommodations built with sustainable or alternative materials or access to nature-based activities
  • Agro-tourism e.g. capitalizing on rural agricultural communities as tourist attractions

Innovation B2B Solutions

Innovative Enterprises include, but are not limited to:

  • Products/services (can be digital) that enhance general business-to-business (B2B) efficiency
  • Technologies with the potential to reduce/conserve the amount of energy, food or water consumed
  • Products/services which promote product innovation, process innovation and business model innovation

Does my company have to be a legally registered business?

In order to be eligible for the LiveWIRE programme, your business must be a legally registered business via the Companies Registry, Registration House. No other form of registration will be considered valid or functional for the purpose of programme registration. The Company registration certificate must be valid upon submission to the programme.

My business is a non-for-profit company. Can I still apply?

Only commercially trading businesses can apply to the LiveWIRE programme. We will not accept any applications from non for profit or community-based organisations. Only for-profit companies will be accepted into the programme.

I have a really good business idea but have not generated any sales yet in my business, can I still apply to the programme?

To be eligible for the programme, your registered business must already have a paying customer base towards which a product or service is provided. Applications from the pre-revenue stage and registered business will ONLY be accepted for businesses in the Energy Solutions sector.

I have already completed another accelerator programme; can I still apply to this one?

Persons who have participated in another accelerator programme can still apply to the LiveWIRE programme. Our selection process is designed to select those businesses which will most benefit from the LiveWIRE programme.

How are applications judged?

At each phase of the selection process, applications are judged on merit.

How many entrepreneurs will you be selecting?

We are looking for up to 15 final participants. We will focus however more on the quality and potential of the entrepreneurs and their businesses than the number of final participants to be accepted into the programme.

Is there an onboarding process?

Yes, participants accepted into the programme will be required to participate in a mandatory orientation programme, the LiveWIRE weekend, on the weekend of March 27th, 2021. Further details will be provided

When will the Shell LiveWIRE programme begin?

The programme ha

How will the Shell LiveWIRE Programme be facilitated?

The programme will be facilitated virtually, during business hours.

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