Apply for Sankalp Africa Awards 2022 For Young Social Entrepreneurs

Apply for the Sankalp Africa Awards 2021
Apply for the Sankalp Africa Awards 2021

The Sankalp Awards is a celebration of outstanding social entrepreneurs and a showcase of innovative and successful businesses globally.

The 2021 Edition of Sankalp Global Awards is looking for social entrepreneurs who are mainstreaming impact, are making a positive impact on society, gaining hands-on experience and networking with a global community.


Apply for the Sankalp Africa Awards 2021 if you meet the following criteria:

IMPACT: Run a high-impact business that caters to rural, low-income, or disadvantaged communities in any of these five main sectors; Agriculture, Clean Energy and Climate Solutions, Financial Inclusion, Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Livelihoods and Future of Work(ers).

SCALE: Have a clear for-profit business model with high potential for scale

TEAM: Have an experienced and dedicated promoter team

INVESTMENT: Are looking for funding in the range of USD $100,000 – $1,000,000

MARKET FIT: Have some proof of concept on the ground and are preferably generating revenues.


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