Hey Global Climate Fund

hey global climate fund

Hey Global Climate Fund

The Hey Global Climate Fund is calling for application!

Do you have an idea or project covering these topics?

  • Climate Change and Health
  • Climate Change and Gender
  • Climate Advocacy and Climate Entrepreneurship.

Then the Global HEY Climate Fund is looking for you!

The HEY climate Fund aims to assist three young climate activists with their projects.
The selected projects will receive US$5000 each.

According to the foundation, all Applicants must submit their project proposal and the top three (3) proposals will be awarded a grant towards their projects.

The projects that are selected will be awarded five thousand ($5000) USD each and each recipient will update and show results of their projects to the Evaluation Committee of the Ashley Lashley Foundation.


Only applicants between the ages of thirteen (13) and twenty-seven (27) will be eligible to receive the grant. Shortlisted applicants must be prepared to participate in an interview between 14th September to 16th September 2022, with The Ashley Lashley Foundation’s Evaluation Committee.

This fund is open globally and is extended to countries which are a part of the following regions:

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Africa
  • The Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America


The deadline to submit applications is 02 September 2022.

The HEY Global Climate Fund is open globally and is extended to countries which are a part of the following regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, The Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, North America.

Passionate individuals are encouraged to apply based on topics which fall under any of the following:

Climate Change and Health

This would see projects or ideas which showcase the linkage between the change in climate and its effects on health including waterborne diseases, increase mental health awareness or diet and nutrition, amongst others.

Climate Change and Gender

This would see projects or ideas which have made the linkage between climate change and gender highlighting solutions to which would address the vulnerabilities faced by vulnerable groups within the climate crisis. These projects or ideas would see to raise awareness and solutions with gender at its core.

Climate Advocacy

Under climate advocacy, the applicant(s) projects or ideas must be able to demonstrate how they have been or will be using their voices and unified voices within their communities. These projects or ideas must be focused on impacts and outcomes, aiding to unite the climate action call nationally, regionally and internationally.

Climate Entrepreneurship

With a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation in the climate change sphere, projects or ideas including renewable energy; energy efficiency and sustainability; environmental engineering; climate adaptation; resilient and clean technologies; carbon reduction; food production; design; or other innovative fields addressing climate challenges today and in the future.


Can I apply if I am over the age of 27?

The HEY Campaign is dedicated to the promotion of a better environment for children and young people. Presently, they are focused on persons younger than 27 years old and older than 13 years old to be champions for climate and health. Priority will be given to those who are within this age range during this  process.

Am I eligible if I am not a HEY member?

Yes! The call for applications is open to everyone, both members and non-members of The HEY Campaign. If you have been chosen to be a recipient of this fund you are asked to join and become a HEY Ambassador. We encourage each of our applicants who are not members to register to become HEY Ambassadors. 

Should I submit a detailed budget along with my proposal?

At this stage of the process a detailed budget for your proposal is not necessary as the grant will only be $5000 USD.

Can proposals be presented in a group?

Yes! Proposals can be submitted as a group. However, one member of the group should be chosen to submit the proposal.

How many proposals can I submit?

One (1) proposal is to be submitted per person/ group.

Any application submitted to the foundation’s email will not be considered.

If there are any difficulties uploading or submitting, please send an email to [email protected]

Note that the deadline to submit all applications is September 2, 2022.

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