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About Green-O-Vate

As the world paces up to climb the ladder of “development”, the cost is simply too high. It is, therefore, imperative to take substantial steps to meliorate the world fractured by climate change, social inequities, and other forms of conflict.
Green-o-vate presents to you an opportunity to showcase your innovation prowess by developing an eco-friendly product backed up by viable marketing and financial strategy.
Round 1– Quiz (elimination round) An online quiz based on Innovation, Marketing, and Branding will be conducted on the D2C platform.
Quiz duration: 20 minutes
Total no. of questions: 25
Round 2- Presentation round The selected teams have to present an innovative product backed up by viable marketing and financial strategy. The product must be recyclable or reusable and biodegradable. If the product is brand new, then extra points shall be awarded for the same.
Round 3 – Advertising campaign and Final Presentation The selected participants have to prepare an advertisement for their product underscoring the attractiveness and value of the product. The duration of the video ad should not be more than 25 seconds. Teams are required to submit the advertisement before the final presentation. Teams will then be required to present their advertisement & the final presentation in front of the distinguished jury.


• A PowerPoint presentation consisting of a maximum of 12 slides excluding Title and Thank You Slides must be sent by 15th March.
• The naming convention for presentation file/excel/video file should be: Team Name_Green-O-Vate_Name of the Institute
• The presentation and video advertisement should be mailed before 24th March, 11:59 pm.
• Plagiarism will be penalized.
• Participants are allowed to use any tool for financial analysis. However, it has to be presented on Excel only.
• Participants are not permitted to add their College Name/Logo in their PowerPoint presentation.
• Participants should be from the same college. • Seniors and juniors from the same college can form the team.
• There is no restriction on the number of teams from the same college.
• Team should consist of 2 – 4 members.

What is at stake?

– Rewards and Prizes
Winner: $ 650
First Runner Up: $ 400
Second Runner Up: $ 250 Note
– In case of any dispute, the final decision would be taken by the organizing team

Go compete!

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