20 Business Ideas in Nigeria you can start with just N10,000

business ideas in nigeria

20 Business Ideas in Nigeria you can start with just N10,000 And you can Become A Millionaire in 1 Year

The major problem with starting your business ideas in Nigeria these days is usually access to capital among so many aspiring entrepreneurs.

They have the idea, but with no funds. Unfortunately, it usually just ends there. An idea!

Dear friend, you don’t need money you need wisdom.

Before you raise that huge capital to startup your dream business, why not start something small until you can raise enough money to fund your dream startup?

Right? Don’t stay stuck and remain in a state of stagnncy! Step out today and try your hands at something that might even become what you’ll be known and remembered for.

In this article today, I am going to share with you 20 businesses you can startup with N10,000 and plunge into millions in a year.

Yes, you heard right!
Are you ready? let’s countdown:

1. Sell ebooks:

You don’t even need any money to start selling ebooks, but at most N10,000 should cover it, particularly if you can’t write and need to outsource the job to a freelancer.

How to sell ebooks in Nigeria

Research on topics which are most trending in your chosen niche and such that can solve the problem if your target customers. Once you’ve identified great topics of interest, you can go ahead and write about them for introduction into the market.

There are tons of great online platforms out there that you can use in marketing your ebooks, including; Amazon, ebookit, solar and others.

Get your ebooks listed on their platforms and start earning. You must pursue rigorous marketing and continue to promote your ebooks. If you’ve got a website or blog, even better. This way you can blog about stuff relating to your ebooks and get an even bigger market.

Creating a website is quite inexpensive these days. If you want one, send a direct mail to [email protected]

See other opportunities

2. Catering services:

A great way of making money in Nigeria today is through running a catering outlet.

One of the interesting fact is that you don’t need to do the cooking yourself.

Here’s how to start one with N10,000:

  • Print flyers with the N10,000 or part of the money. You can also have a digital copy you wild distribute on your social media handles.
  • Have it distributed in churches, schools, businesses, and homes around your neighborhood.
  • Liaise with professional caterers around you.
  • You get two or more jobs from your promotional efforts.
  • Sub contract these jobs to the caterers you liaised with.
  • Get the money and work out your profits
  • Reinvest the profit into promoting and advertising your business.
  • Continue working your way with more jobs
  • Set quarterly targets for your business
  • Within the year with much hard work and the Grace of God, you can launch your own professional catering outlet.
  • Write a business plan
  • Startup fully and become a millionaire

All these, you can do within a year if committed.

3. Private tutor:

You could also venture into a business in academics. And with N10,000 or less, you could be on your way to becoming a millionaire within one year.

Here’s how:

  • Print flyers and prepare typewritten letters with less than N10,000. You can see sample private tutor business cards and build yours on canva
  • Distribute it around the neighborhood of your target market, particularly to parents.
  • As soon as you begin to receive jobs, outsource all of them to people who can teach in different subject areas ranging from; maths, English, music, ICT, fine arts, graphic design, programming, physics, chemistry, history, lit-in-English, French, Arabic, and a whole lot of other subjects.
  • Your major duty here is the follow-up; to ensure effective delivery of services and intensive marketing
  • Once you’ve established a steady clientele, you can include other services such as preparing students for all types of exams, including WAEC, NECO, JAMB, APTITUDE TESTS, SAT, TOEFL, etc.

4. Uber/Bolt/Car drop taxi service:

This business is just getting people to their destinations conveniently and is well suited for cities and commerce regions of town.

Now, to start up,

  • Simply print flyers and have them distributed around your target region.
  • Again pay for ads on two or more newspapers.
  • Have freelance drivers ready for hiring.
  • Once you get jobs, just go and rent cars according to the number of jobs received, and use the money you got from your clients to pay for renting cars. And then after the completion of the job, you pay the freelancers and get your share.
  • This business is a money machine, especially in busy cities and airport regions. So long as you maintain things professional and stay smart, within a year you can have one or more vehicles of your own.

5. Bleach and stain removal production:

With N10,000 or less, you can get the chemicals used for bleach production. So many manuals and online tutorials are available for you to use in making your products.

The most important thing is that you look for ways of producing stain-removing mixtures that can be used to remove all sorts of stains including, mucor, ink, etc. Once this is done, get them supplied for free to as many dry cleaning shops as possible.

  • Ask them for business. Offer to supply them with bleach and stain removal products for a wide range of stains, for much cheaper and with higher quality. You will definitely get contracts.
  • Start working hard to improve your product quality to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Next, you should consider registering and packaging your products.
  • Remember: packaging is everything. Get your products approved by NAFDAC, and bingo! You could start a small bleach making and stain removal company within the year.
  • Grow your client/customer base furiously and you’re on your way to becoming a millionaire in a space of one year with God on your side.

6. Barbing salon business:

Barbing salon business is one of the most lucrative ideas one can think about, especially when it is properly managed. And interestingly, it does not cost an arm and leg to keep the business running.

In fact, the business is not limited to males as women have become interested in this line of work.

However, as with other jobs, breaking into the venture here in Nigeria, especially from scratch, is not as easy as it seems. Whether one plans to operate on a small, medium, or large scale, the nitty-gritty of starting a barbing business must not be ignored.

So, you don’t have a shop space, no worries. Just buy the clippers that are sold for N4,00. That’s all. You a begin in your room.

7. Painting services:

  • Print flyers and get them distributed. This time you’ll be mobile, move around and groom men’s hair and face. Your selling point is that you go to your customers and you also charge less.
  • Continue like this for another quarter until you have enough money to get a small space. Buy at least four plastic chairs and keep working hard until you can buy an electric power generator.
  • A year after this, you must have saved enough to rent a standard shop and have it decorated with shop Writings.
  • Now, you can hire labor and continue your mobile and home services. It shouldn’t take you longer than another year to grow into a mega size. It all boils down to innovation, creativity and hard- work.
  • Implement effective Financial management techniques and continue to expand.

Painting business requires rigorous marketing to be able to land tons of contracts.

You may ask; “Is this realistic?” Certainly. Your earning power comes from your ability to promote your work. Again, with this business, you don’t need to know how to paint. Simply outsource your jobs to good painters once contracts start coming.
Focus more on promoting your business on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

8. Cleaning service agent:

  • Buy cleaning materials and equipment. Move from home to home in your target environment.
  • When you start getting jobs, hire extra hands to make it easier and more effective.
  • Think of getting your business to appear more professional.
  • Start targeting getting a shop space, register your business, print business cards, and work on expanding your company.

9. Laundry services:

With your N5000 buy detergent, bleach, and other cleaning agents. Tell people around your neighborhood about your business. You will get jobs. Do your laundering from home and have them delivered to your customers. Make sure you charge less than the conventional pricing. Pay attention to how you handle the clothes so as to avoid issues with your customers. Treat your customers well, grow your customer base, expand your business and steadily grow into a millionaire within a year.

10. Beauty salon:

Print flyers and have them distributed around them. Hire a good hairstylist. You don’t even need to do the hair if you’re not good in the field. Your business will basically involve mobile services. You are to support self-employed persons and MSMEs across Nigeria.

11. Point and kill joint:

You don’t need a lot of money to startup a point and kill joint. Talk to a thriving food canteen or restaurant around you and offer to pay an agreed sum every month to use their restaurant. That only has to include point and kill in their menu. N5000 is more than enough to get you started. This business is very profitable and within a year you can get a small space in a good location to start up fully.

12. Small printing press:

Some three or so months before you start the printing business. Print and distribute ciers to individuals and businesses, schools, churches etc. When you start getting jobs just outsource them to printing businesses around you. The difference between the money paid and your quotation will be your proWt. This business is simply a game of numbers, get as many job contracts until you’re big enough to stand on your own. Focus more on promoting your business and getting repeat customers.

13. Snail rearing business:

Find out how to breed snails if you don’t already know how. Buy the snail with your N10,000 and a cage (this is an avoidable cost). Make sure that you already have an available market for your snails and bingo! You’re on your way to becoming a millionaire within one year. Supply to snail sellers, restaurants, homes and catering outWts around you.

14. Bead/jewelry making:

For those who are skilled at jewelry making, this might just be a money spinner. All your focus should be on marketing your business and building a large customer base. Finish. Hook up with event planners, with beauty salons, boutiques, fashion designers and other relevant businesses that can help boost your clientele and the sky’s your limit.

15. Bulk SMS:

Yes. Bulk SMS services is a need as far as business and commerce are concerned. This is still very relevant now more than ever as people need to circulate information around in more conventional ways.

Prepare a well-written proposal and get it to schools, churches, and businesses around you. Your proposal should convince people of the need to be able to get information across through bulk SMS services. All the above-mentioned institutions actually need bulk SMS services. So once you’re able to convince them. Get two or more jobs, you can work on that to grow your business.

16. Vegetable farming:

Farming business as you probably already know is highly proWtable and is enriching people who are ready to work hard. Vegetable farming as a whole is very lucrative. Just by getting a small plot of land around your house you can start this business. Get vegetables such as water leaf and start planting. In Akwa Ibom State, a single bed of waterleaf goes for N10,000 and a plot of land holds an average of 8 beds. So you can actually make up to N40,000 every week because waterleaf sprouts on a daily basis. Lease more properties and expand your farming business.

17. Blogging:

Yeah. Blogging is making so many people rich now — provided you planned well ahead of time. Your blog should be able to meet a market need, once this is achieved, the sky’s your limit, because the possibilities of making money from blogging are endless. These days you can easily host a website with N10,000 or less on WordPress and other relevant platforms.

With increase in dollar rate, the

If you want us to build a blog for you, kindly send a direct mail to [email protected]

18. Indomie fast food business:

Generally, fast food joints tend to get more customers than others for so many reasons. They are cheaper and fast.

19. Groundnut production:

Indomie noodles joint is super trending at the moment because of the relative ease at which people get to access quick and rich meals. Starting up with N10,000 is quite realistic, whether or not you have a shop space. Again, you could talk to fast food joints around you, Wnd one who is ready to accept you and offer to pay an agreed sum every month to, say, about 6 months. Once this is done, start with a carton of Indomie and one crate of eggs. And before the stipulated time you should be able to get a shop space and start growing your business.

Groundnut production business is a very proWtable business. If you know how to produce groundnut, good for you, otherwise go learn how to, it’s not so hard to prepare. But it has techniques you have to be good at so you don’t incur unnecessary losses. Once you’ve mastered how to prepare sweet groundnuts, just package them and supply to stores around you. Groundnut production business has about a 100% proWt margin, so go for it.

20. Sell fruit salad:

Fruit salad is quite easy to make.

  • Buy 3 to 5 different fruits, have them properly chopped and mixed.
  • Have it packaged in disposable cups or small plates, refrigerate and start selling.
  • A plate of fruit salad with milk can cost as high as N400. So if you can produce and sell 40 plates every day you’ll be making N400×40=N16,000 gross income every day. And that’s just the beginning, with time you should be able to hire extra hands.

So, with these tips, you have no excuse to start your business.

I hope this article has been helpful to one or two persons out there.

Which of the ideas resonates well with you?

Do drop a comment and please share freely with your network.

Do drop a comment and please share freely with your network.

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