12-year-old British-Nigerian kid becomes a Supreme Mathematics scholar after discovering new formula in mathematics

supreme mathematics

This is a Supreme Mathematics level

The intellectual blessings of the Anioma people came to fore again with 12-year old Chikadibia Ofili who recently made a supreme mathematics discovery in the discipline of mathematics and has been conferred with a special award in recognition of the great feat.

His Background

Mathematician Chika Ofili is born to Ibusa parents in the UK. His father is Ogochukwu Ofili natively from Umudiagbo, Umueze Quarters of the community while his mother is Nma Ofili, a midwife in the medical profession. Both parents reside together.

Ibusa is known for her huge richness in human resource area. The community, located in Oshimili Local Government Area of Delta State possesses renowned professors in different endeavours numbering close to one hundred and still counting.

His feat

Chika Ofili, a 12-year-old British-Nigerian boy, has received the ‘TruLittle Hero Awards‘ for discovering a new mathematical formula.

He has emerged as one of the youngest Mathematics scholars in the world after discovering a new mathematical formula.

Chika Ofili who was born in London, the United Kingdom to a Nigerian parent made the discovery of a formula that solves several division problems swiftly. He made the discovery while completing a homework assignment given to him by his teacher.

Chika attended the Westminster Under School in London and his Mathematics teacher, Mary Ellis gave him a book called “First Steps for Problem Solvers” while on break.

According to Mary, the book contained several division problems that required him to determine if various numbers are divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 before completing the full problem, but his math book didn’t contain a memorable test for dividing by 7.

In Chika’s quest to solve the division challenges, he created a new method that consists of taking the last digit of any whole number, multiplying it by 5 and then adding this to the remaining part of the number to get a new number. He found that if this new number is divisible by 7, then the original number is also divisible by 7.

The method was backed with algebraic proof, and it has successfully changed the way math is understood all around the world.

Chika’s groundbreaking discovery in the field of mathematics accorded him recognition around the world and was awarded as a scholar by the TruLittle Hero Awards in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, he is a true Supreme Mathematics Hero

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